Hey guys,

Recently while coding up a site, I have been trying to get an effect that I've see before, but can't seem to find out how to do it. Since I can't find a site as an example, I will attempt to explain it, so bare with me, lol.

Basically, I have a button right under my header that says "search". The idea is, that once a user clicks on (or hovers even, it doesn't matter) the button, a search field will appear as if it slid down from under the header allowing users to know search where the button was. (It is some what like a drop down list, that affect like it is coming from above and sliding down). Also, sometimes sites will have a feature like this for an "advanced search" option, where you have the normal search bar, but as soon as you click advanced, more options appear under it.

Hopefully someone can understand what I meant, and in the mean time I will continue to look for a site as an example. If anyone knows how to code this, or knows of any good tutorials, etc, I would greatly appreciate it.