I have created a site with the help of several wonderful people on the CSS forum that is responsive for my client. I am now ready to turn this into a WP site. I have only done this once before with a page from my own business site. I will need lots of help in doing this. I have several books on the subject and see lots of tutorials out on the Web but look to the experts here to help me as I create my first complete WP site.

My first question as I am looking at some books and tutorials is can I have more than one CSS page? I have noticed that one is to create a CSS page and call it style.css. My site has 3 CSS pages for responsive design. Do I have to call the page "style"? If I can add more than one CSS page, can I leave the names as screen, bigScreen, and smallScreen?

Here is the site as it is now in HTML...http://foxdenwebsolutions.com/CACNR/index.html.