Hope Iīve come to the right place, but this Iīm farely sure about; AJAX and java are pretty closely related...

Anyhow, got a site here at http://openeye-design.com/beta2/ where I chosen to use AJAX off course to prevent the whole site from loading but just the contentholder. However, for som reason I canīt figure out how to link internally.

Would like to link to another tab content from the frontpage. This is of course is the be opened in the content div as it normally would. But no matter what i try the link just opens as plain text. So it doesnīt fetched my AJAX-driven content at all. Off course Iīm aware that a classic <a href> wonīt cut it here, but is there a jQuery script to be used?
Nevermind that the content isnīt formatted yet, iīll get to that

Chances are that this is pretty simple, but canīt find any information on this process. Even Google have let me down.

Can somebody please help?