hi im new to javascrtipt and donīt know the terms so cant find out what to search for

i have code that truncate the text of my links
so <a href="myfruitandvegetable.com">Fruit and vegetables</a>
result without code Fruit and vegetables
and with code Fruit and...

here is code i found on the net.
<script type="text/javascript">
var oElement = document.getElementById("test");
$('a').text(function(index, oldText) {
  return oldText.length > 9 ? oldText.substring(0, 9) + '...' : oldText;
so far so good.
i also have other link on same page
<a href="myhomepage.com">Copyright 2012 myhomepage.com</a>
so when the script is on as you already has guessed.
the result would be Copyright...
what it should not do.

so i was thinking
what if i gave the 2 links some id like this
<a id="truncateon" href="myfruitandvegetable.com">Fruit and vegetables</a>
<a "truncateoff" href="myhomepage.com">Copyright 2012 myhomepage.com</a>

so code only truncated link if it has the id=truncateon"
i think in the javascript line 2
$('a').text(function(index, oldText) {
is the one that find the<a tag with the $('a') code.
but dont know how or if its possible to add the id="truncateon" to it.

hope it makes sense.
mu best regards dahlsvarehus