Hi Folks,
I am new and have spent sometime learning HTML/CSS (intermediate level now and building simple sites) and PHP/MySQL (beginner still, but could build basic e-commerce site) I have made built an internal web application that I got paid for that implemented basic security and CMS functions.
Now I want to build a far more complicated site. The site I want to build would allow users to build their own sites based on a set of templates. A site with a similar concept is www.Ilasting.com or www.critters.com. These are memorial sites where the client signs up and is then presented with a set of templates and menus they can use to quickly create their own site.
I am having trouble understanding how I would do this. It seems like a natural for a Wordpress multi-user site or similar. The database would need to contain the sites and the information. Really though, I am unsure how to develop such a site. I am posting this in the PHP section because my suspicion is that PHP / MySQL is a good platform to build such a system. Any general guidance on how to do something like this would be greatly appreciated.