We have seen a decline in search engine results impressions over the last month or so with a more noticeable drop around the time the Google Penguin update came out. From a lot of commentry around on the web, a lot of people are blaming this update for such declines. Rather than just accepting this apparent balancing of the web, I now have the ongoing task of making whatever adaptations are needed to try and restore the previous levels of traffic.

Our business is a small specialist lock company who mainly manufacturer the products but also sell online although at prices above those of our distributers/B2C customers. My initial thoughts were that well, we are trying to compete at achieving high search result positions with huge multi-national retail sites who have large marketing spends and resources available, and thus why would we have a change. However, this seems a bit defeatist!!

A few of the actions I have been taking are as follows:

  • Introducing the use of the rel canonical and rel alternate tags where page content is the same (e.g. myurl.com/dir1/dir2 and myurl.com/dir1/dir2/ - note the trailing slash) - I am paranoid over duplicate content but would have thought if it was one the same site, then Google would just ignore one copy
  • Ensuring all titles, meta keywords & meta descriptions are unique
  • Ensuring that heading 1 tags are used appropriately
  • Avoiding keyword stuffing
  • Avoiding the use of link building schemes

We are shortly about to embark on a social media project - we currently don't run a blog or an active Twitter or Facebook account and from my research, Google are now very, very keen on genuinely popular sites - i.e. those with real reviews, mentions, etc on social media platforms.

Does this all ring true? Can anyone offer any advice, shared experiences or even just moral support!!??