If I've had an article written (by a novice, but it's a decent attempt) on the subject of, say, acne.
It's a little general and is broken into headings such as 'Do I have acne?' and 'How do I get rid of acne?'. It's also a little long.
So I could mark up the section headings with the appropriate semantic header tags. But I started wondering if it would be of benefit to break the article into separate articles, titled 'do I have acne?' etc? I can see each of these headings being a common search term, and thought that having a dedicated page and specific page title might help capture those terms more than headings within a more general article. Also I figure you've got less chance of ranking well for the more general article subject (eg 'about acne').

So the original article might be (hastily thrown together html)
URL: /articles/about_acne/
HTML Code:
<title>About acne</title>
<h1>About acne</h1>

<h2>Do I have acne?</h2>
<p>blah blah blah</p>

<h2>How do I get rid of acne?</h2>
<p>blah blah blah</p>
....and some other stuff
Or I could split it into a few articles, which link to each other
URL: /articles/do_i_have_acne
HTML Code:
<title>Do I have acne?</title>
<h1>Do I have acne?</h1>
<p>blah blah blah</p>
Next <a href='/articles/how_do_i_get_rid_of_acne'>how do I get rid of acne?</a>
Does this seem like a good approach?