I own a website that runs on a professional, paid software product (vBulletin) and is hosted with a very large, well known and highly regarded hosting company (Servint). I also hire the services of a technical admin who provides good quality services to the site, in areas where I don't have the required technical knowledge.

The site has experienced serious database issues and these are the responses I've received:

Software provider says it's a hosting problem.
Hosting provider says it's a software issue.
Admin - honestly admits that he doesn't have the knowledge or experience to solve the problem.

I have spoken to a Technical Admin of the software product who is a real expert in hosting related database issues for that software. He would charge me a few hundred dollars to look at the issue, but isn't prepared to guarantee that using his services will solve the problem. Personally I'm reluctant to hire him, because it's a lot of money and I feel that I shouldn't have to, given that I'm paying top dollar for quality hosting that has an industry reputation for providing great support and that I am paying for a professionally supported software product to run the site.

What should I do?