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    I'd appreciate it if any designers could fill out a quick survey for my senior projec

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    It would be good to say a bit more about what you are doing or why. Otherwise, this all just disappears into the ether. Your last question forgets that many people in this area are self taught.

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    As with every survey, your questions leave out as much info as they require.

    #1: An increasing number of people are learning "responsive design," which theoretically obviates the need for separate mobile pages.
    #2: The crossover between "television" and "large monitors used for desktops, gaming, television, Netflix, etc" is enormous, making the last choice essentially meaningless. Unless you're referring to WebTV...
    #3: Any designer who doesn't put content first isn't doing their client any favors. Everything else shifts back and forth, but content is ALWAYS pre-eminent. Like "CSS over tables," this question is essentially settled.
    #7: This question assumes that the practice of "mobile-first" design is considered best practices by virtually everyone. Not the case.
    #9: A lot of designers, including myself, have more than ten years of experience, but design is an avocation (me) or even a hobby. The answers are quite limited.
    #10: As noted above, many designers, including some of the leaders in the field, are self-taught.

    Not trying to bust your chops, just trying to make your questions and your answers more informative.


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