I have a database that lists animal taxons - class, order, family, genus, species, etc. - in a parent-child relationship, like this...

(Field Taxon) (Field Parent)
Felidae Carnivora
Panthera Felidae
Panthera_leo Panthera

I use the following query to display a list of each taxon's children, where $MyURL (e.g. www.mysite.com/Felidae) equals a value in the field Taxon.

$Children = mysql_query ("SELECT L.N, L.Taxon, L.Parent, L.Rank, G.Name_Common
 FROM gz_life AS L
 LEFT JOIN gz_names_genus AS G on G.Taxon = L.Taxon
 WHERE L.Parent = '$MyURL' Order By L.N, L.Rank");
Basically, it simply converts the taxon being displayed to a PARENT, displaying its children by default.

Anyway, how can I display the NUMBER of children? For example, if there are six genera in the family Felidae, I might want to display something like Felidae (6).

Also, is there a way to display grand-children, or a complete sequence of children? I have navigation links that reach from the current taxon back to the animal kingdom, like this...

Animalia > Vertebrata > Mammalia > Carnivora > Felidae

It would be cool if I could type in Carnivora, and it would display the number of children (families) plus the number of grand-children (genera) and the number of great grand-children (species), like this...

Carnivora (26 families, 112 genera, 352 species)

Is there a way to do that?