I have a series of text fields in a PDF: Month1, Day1, Year1.

They all have a format category of custom, so I can run a keystroke script allowing me to autotab ...// For Month1 is would be: AutoTab(this, event, "Day1");

Because it is set to CUSTOM and not NUMBER, I can not easily plug in the validation info (1-12 for Month, 1-31 for day, and a minimim of 2010 for the year). As I am a graphic designer, and not a programmer, I have no idea what code I would use in the custom validate box. I am guessing it would be 3 different snippets.. one for the day, one for the month, and one for the year.

If you are able to assist me with the code to provide this functionality, I (and my boss) will be greatful!

If you need additional information, please let me know. (I can post the PDF on a filehosting site if that will help you troubleshoot)