I maintain a website for a charity client. In recent years their online inter-activity and communication has grown and it's important to them the website is always available.

Two weeks ago someone hacked the shared server they were hosted on and their site was affected. Even though I think that the hosting company was relatively responsive and available and worked to get it all patched and fixed to took a couple of days for everything to be ironed out.

Then they've decided to move everyone on that server to a new server, and there were more problems, and the site wasn't available for hours.

I understand that things can go wrong with any setup at any time, but with the average shared hosting account you're just one of thousands and maybe stuck in a support queue. If things go wrong you don't necessarily get priority service, and there doesn't seem to be a decent ready-to-go backup in place that the hosting company can just switch to, or re-route traffic to.

I'm not an expert in the world of hosting. So, my question is what better set-ups are there that I might be able to recommend to that charity. I don't have the knowledge or capacity to manage a server myself. I like having everything installed set-up and maintained by the hosting company. But are there packages that have some kind of (semi)automatic redundancy in place and where you get priority support? Is it a VPS or something else?

Thanks for any advice.