Hi, I recently have 2 tables named "message" and "message_content" which I wanted to alter changes. Since its a development server I can do whatever I want. Foreign keys are already set and it is complaining that I can't alter changes. Hence i emptied all the data related in both tables and tried altering the column name from the message table, still can't. Hence i decided to drop both the tables and try recreating again, did a search through Google and found out that I can use something like this:

set foreign_key_checks = 0;
drop table message;
set foreign_key_checks = 1;

I managed to drop both the tables but now, I can't recreate the table name "message" anymore

Its giving me SQL Error 1005: Can't create table 'message' (errno: 150)

I have no idea how to go about this and googling didnt help much. Hope someone here with experience can help. Thanks in advanced!