This isn't a flame, a debate or anything, I'm just curious. On the .NET side of SitePoint, dhtmlgod (D to most of us) just wrote up a quick (half hour) demonstration to all of us of some of .NET's power.

It's very ruddy and very basic.

The location is here: http://www.oreosnbeer.com/sitepoint/sp1.aspx

There are a few things it does, but I'm mainly curious about the speed with which PHP would do the same thing, for my own knowledge. This isn't to show which is better or worse because you can't benchmark in this way. Different servers, differen't OS's, different loads and different DB's.

I'm just curious about execution time for PHP to do some of the similar types of things. You can even get the exact same database as D has, since he also does an XML output file which you can parse in (I hope).

Again, I'd like to stress that this is me being curious, so please no flames or anything else, thanks