We have a website that is filled with content including news/gossip blogs, video posts, music posts, photos, etc... but there are not enough people sharing our post links on different sites/message boards helping to build the backlinks and incoming traffic that we need.

I have found that posting inside of forums with our links is the best way to help bring the boost of traffic such as posting wrestling videos in wrestling forums or fail videos in comedy forums. The problem is that there are thousands of forums out there and it's a huge energy drainer to do this with all of the new content we post daily on our site.

What is the best way to share our post links to help get this boost of traffic/backlinks that we need? I have tried using Senuke and it didn't help too much. I am using SocialAdr at the moment but i'm on day two and have not yet seen results.

Are there any other software or inexpensive services out there that will assist me greatly? Please give me your feedback and tips on how to get my content out there and the incoming traffic boost we need in the easiest way.