I would gladly welcome your comments, suggestions and corrections in regard to a website I have been designing myself. The site hasn't gone "live" yet so I am including the temporary URL.

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Specific areas I'm interested in getting response about are:

  1. Your initial impression when the Home page first comes up.
  2. Does the information on the Home page interest you enough to want to know more and explore the site further?
  3. Is navigating through the website easy and understandable?
  4. Do you find any links that are not working?
  5. Is each "category" (i.e. Speaker, Author and Playwright) explained fully?
  6. Which of the above mentioned categories would you, yourself, be interested in?
  7. Your opinion on the overall design.
  8. Do you like the color scheme used and the font and font sizes?
  9. Do you find the website tasteful; given the subject matter?
  10. And, lastly, any grammar or punctuation errors?