Sorry if its the wrong forum, my questions both relate to our server or network here in work I think......

Q.1 - I.T. asked me, as the web designer, would Firefox be better than IE for our company (100+ pc users). I said yes, yes, yes. We use Citrix programme neighbourhood. We asked our consultant company who look after problems with our network and servers(they are a Microsoft gold certified partner) and they gave back a slightly snotty reply..."remember you have one web designer and over a 100 users.We wouldnt recommend for a company-wide deployment of Firefox". That was all. They didnt go into detail with why it would be bad. So, does anyone know of issues with Citrix and Firefox?

Q.2 - Our website ( is a joomla site. It displays just fine everywhere except within our Citrix network here in work. The Homepage homepage-bottom.jpghomepage-top.jpgjavascript or jQuery slideshow doesnt display as a rotating slideshow, and the tabs display in same displays as individual images all down the page. And the logo in the header doesnt show up at all. I think that .png and javascript arent working. Its very odd. Ive asked I.T. and they've cleared cache etc. enabled javascript. Ive even checked that javascript is enabled locally on my pc. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Many thanks,