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    Linking multiple websites together will i have problems with Google?

    I am starting a "collection" of 10 websites about microscopes and linking them all together, this has been done very successfully by a USA based company who specialize in microscopes, scroll down to the bottom of their webpage and you will see they have multiple websites all about microscopes all of their websites have the targetted keyword in the domain name then they link all the sites together with links at the footer of each page. When you search for certain types of microscopes their collection of websites can usually be found in google top 3, seems to be very successful method of building their sites.

    I am just starting to do a similar idea but with domains, here is what i have started with go to the footer and see i have linked to my other websites that all link with each other all about microscopes, my question is that i heard with Googles Penguin update they are banning alot of websites that are associated with link farms, will Google see this as spam or too many links, maybe they will see it as a form of link farm?

    I also heard that you should not put links to other websites on your homepage as google will penalise you for it, is this correct?

    On each site i will be linking to the following:

    About Us
    Delivery Policy
    Returns Policy
    Privacy Policy

    Is it best to have all these pages on each specific website so for example 10 webpages with the same "About Us" info or would it be best to link to the "About Us" on my main website "About Us" page?

    Thanks Steve.
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    The US site in your example has the footer links set as nofollow, so that should prevent any problems with Google and other search engines. If your purpose in doing this is to provide useful links to your customers, who may be interested in your other products, then you can follow that example. If you were hoping to increase your SERP by this method, then I think you're out of luck.

    I have no idea how Google views links from the home page, but I can't see why it would view them any differently to any other page. Personally, I put links where they make the most sense in the context of my site; if that means on the home page, then that's where I put them. But then again, I add links for the benefit of my visitors, not for the benefit of search engines.

    As far as the "shared" pages go, I would put them on every site. Presumably there should be slight differences, in that you want to make clear that is owned and operated by, so it makes sense to have the different versions for the different sites.

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    You want to avoid duplicate content wherever you possibly can.

    I am not sure how google sees it if one site is .com, the other e.t.c I suspect it still will be classed as duplicates, but someone else can answer that one.

    I'd also like to know how it works targeting wise. Technically, Microscopes are the same around the world, so if you have good info, you would just want one site but have these sites visible in Australia, USA, UK searches e.t.c.

    Having links on a home page is fine, you just want to limit the number of external links on each page. I think a rule of thumb is 100 links but why anybody would want 100 external links on a page I do not know, then it starts to look like a link farm.

    All your competitor sites look different, so I am guessing they have split them out to work on keywords for each. Maybe a bad idea to begin with but they stuck with it, so it's targeted to that specific type of microscope and the domain name is the keyword too.

    Personally I would keep them all in one site under different sections, otherwise you will have to do SEO for all the different sites which aint going to be easy.

    They could be on page 1 for a lot of different reasons. Domain Age being one of them.

    Anyway. I am no SEO expert but that's the way I look at it.

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    I think you are talking about link wheel..So I'll suggest use random wheel method & avoid loop wheel.


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