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    Show mysql query sent from php file

    hi i need a php tool or framework or script ,who can tell me , every php script
    how many sql query send , and from where , i have already see this tool
    in a webagency in france but i can't remember the name .

    when i put my browser to

    in the footer of the page i can see all sql query send from this page and if is sent from a include file the path of the file .

    i have tried Mysql tail -f /tmp/mysql.log , i cann see all queris sent to the server , but i have many
    websites , and i don't know the path of the file who sent the query

    Sorry for my Bad english !!!

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    There's no 'page' attached to a connection. To 'track' this in any form would require adding a new table to your database, and sending additional queries to that table to identify the page and query sent.
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