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    Share directories/files via Symlinks across two cPanel accounts/domains/IPs on VPS

    I have two ecommerce sites selling music digital downloads. A customer pays, then PHP reads the file and gives them a download (built-in function of pre-existing shopping cart script I don't have much control over). The sites are on the same VPS, but have separate domains/IPs/etc. Both sites sell the same music and so use the same music files, so I have duplicate copies taking up disk space. Is there a way to make them share the same directory containing the music files, maybe via symlinks or something similar? I can only imagine running into all kinds of file ownership errors. I'm new to VPS management and currently have a cPanel/WHM setup, but thinking of switching to Virtualmin.

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    I have a client who maintains a radio program website on one host and hosts the mp3 files on another. The mp3 file links make no difference whether the files are streamed through a Flash player or downloaded directly. In other words, drop one of your link directories and use a redirection (only because you won't then need to change the shopping cart code) in that one to the equivalent directory/file in the other. Simple - and you don't even need to get another host as I did.


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