Hi All
I have a date table which you can update time slots with. When you click the href link the page reloads and returns to the page top. I need it to stay at the same scroll bar position as
the user will probably be updating several time slots at the same time.

I have had a look online and found one solution but cant get it to work.

My page pulls a table for a 24 hour clock so there are 24 rows. I have droped the id element tab in the opening part of my <tr> tag

echo("<td id='tabs' bgcolor='#25B8DA' span class='create_slots_header' align='center'>$columnTime</span></td>");

Not sure whats wrong or if I am doing it all wrong. Any help would be great!

(function() {
var sneaky = new ScrollSneak(location.hostname), tabs = document.getElementById('tabs').getElementsByTagName('li'), i = 0, len = tabs.length;
for (; i < len; i++) {
tabs[i].onclick = sneaky.sneak;

document.getElementById('next').onclick = sneaky.sneak;