I'm a newbie here. I installed a wordpress in a server run by Apache2. But the wordpress doesn't load index.php page. I can access deshboard and all other categories are displaying well. but the home url is not loading the index.php. Eventhough i try to added /index.php at the end of url, still it's not working. It just display 404 error. When i look at the theme directory and wordpress directory there are (index.php) files.

so I googled for solution. some suggested to add [directoryindex index.php] in .htaccess file. I did that and that result in 500 internal server error.

Some post in google suggest to look at dir.conf and httpd.conf under Apache2. In my httpd.conf file, I have this line of code

SSLcertificateChainfile /etc/ssl/certs/secure_yosalasd_org.ca-bundle

In my dir.conf file, I have this lines of code

<IfModule mod_dir.c>
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

I would appreciate if anyone can figure out what is the problem here.

thank you so much in advance