Hello Everyone,

I have a PDF form. For the sake of simplicity, Lets say I have 5 fields. 2 Are check boxes (IDs FSA1 and FSA2), 2 are text fields (IDs TotalClaimed1 and TotalClaimed2), and a text field (FSA_Total) which adds the number from TotalClaimed1 if FSA1 if checked, and also add TotalClaimed2 is FSA2 is checked.

My question is what I write in the "calculate custom script" box of the FSA_Total field: (I unsuccessfully tried)

if (FSA1.checked == 1) {

event.value += Totalclaimed1;


if (FSA2.checked == 1) {

event.value += Totalclaimed2


I can post the actual form I am working on, if you think that will help. Just let me know