I'm using the Adobe Spry Menu Bar 2.0 widget in Dreamweaver CS 5.5. It works and looks great in Firefox, Safari, and IE 9. However in IE 7 you have to rollover just the right part of the drop down menu (such as the word itself) for the submenu to appear, then it won't stay open long enough to get over to it and chose an item to click on (not unless you are very fast and very lucky).

A lot of our dealers use older versions of browsers and unless I can get this figured out, I'll have to redo the entire nav using something else.
Can anyone help?

Here is a link to the site (in progress). The only pages I have done are:
Vertical Lifts (under Products, then Lifts)
Dock (under Products, then Dock Systems)
Manuals (under Owners)


OR... If there is a better menu to use that will work across all browsers and that I can configure to look like (or look similar) to the one I have, please let me know. This is only my second dreamweaver site and I no nothing about jquery, javascript, ajax or any of that, which is why I was trying to use a widget which was already made. Thanks.