On our website i have installed a newsletter add-on.
All the emailadresses (3000) of the recepients are stored in a table called: jos_jnews_subscribers
The recepients are identified by a subscriber_id

There also a table called jos_jnews_listssubscribers.
In this table are the recepients that are "member" of a certain newsletter.
The newsletter id's are stored in a column called list_id
To make a user member of a newsletter, I must connect the subscriber_id to a list_id.

There are like 10 newsletters, identified with this list_id.
My problem is that I have one table with all the recepients and i have like 10 newsletters.
I know how to insert data into a table, but i do not know how i can split an insert.
I would be great if I could manage to make the first 250 recepients, member of list 17,
The following 30 member of list 18 and the next 125 of list 19.

From another member of the Sitepoint forum I understood that the easiest way to do this, is by using PHP.
Is there someone who can reach me a helping hand on yhis matter ?