Hi All, I've had a look around but not sure if Im doing this all wrong. I am grabbing several id's from the database and using a href link to submit them and update them.
I don't want the individual ID's displayed so figured I create a session ID for each and pull the ID's out on the other side. I've used a loop to amend $loop to serviceID for each variable value and try to pull it out on the otherside.

Any help or pointers would be great


**** Create Session Variable ****
$query = "SELECT serviceName, serviceID FROM tblServices WHERE clientID='".$_SESSION['clientID']."'";
$result = mysql_query($query,$db);
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
$serviceName = $row[serviceName];
$serviceID = $row[serviceID];
foreach($userData as $key => $value)
$_SESSION[$key] = $value;
$_SESSION['serviceID$sessionLoop'] = $serviceID;

echo("$serviceID<a href='/clientAdmin/booking_wizard2.php?sessionLoop=$sessionLoop'>Edit</a><br>");

**** Pull Session variable Out ****
echo $_SESSION['serviceID$sessionLoop'];
$query = "UPDATE tblServices SET serviceName='' WHERE clientID='".$_SESSION['clientID']."' AND serviceID='".$_SESSION['serviceID$sessionLoop']."'";
echo $query;