Hi I created a relations sql statement between three tables, the problem is that my table tx and img is limited to only 1024 characters, is there a way I can change the data typ to display more than that, like use type = TEXT??

This is my statment:
CONCAT('{"weID":"',wb.weID, ',"size_h":"',wb.size_h, ',"size_w":"', wb.size_w,'","text":[') as bs, 

CONCAT (GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT'{"weID":"',wt.weID,'","txtID":"',wt.txtID, '","txtText":"', wt.txtText, '","txtColour":"', wt.txtColour,'"}')) as txt, 

CONCAT(GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT '{"weID":"',wi.weID,'"',',"imgName":"',wi.imgName,'","imgName":"', wi.imgName,'","imgMTX5":"', wi.imgMTX5,'","imgMTX6":"',wi.imgMTX6,'","imgWidth":"',wi.imgWidth,'","imgHeight":"', wi.imgHeight,'","imgZindex":"', wi.ImgZindex,'"}'))as img 

FROM wb, wt, wi WHERE wb.weID = wt.weID and wb.weID = wi.weID GROUP BY wb.weID ORDER BY GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT wb.weID) ASC