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    changing login table to tabless

    I have a logIn table at
    <table class="marginAuto">
      <td class="p5"><input type="password" class="w100 b1_555"></td>
      <td rowspan="2"><input type="submit" value="logIn" class="w50 h50"></td>
      <td class="p5"><input type="password" class="w100 b1_555"></td>
      <td colspan="3" class="bWhite alignCenter m-t5 p5 b1_555"><a href="/x-test/layOut/17/logIn/join/">join</a></td>
      <td colspan="3" class="h30"></td>
    I like to make it tabless.
    The folloiwng code is one of my trials for it, but it seems not to work.
    <div class="marginAuto">
      <span>ID</span><span><input type="password" class="w100 b1_555"></span> 
    <div class="marginAuto">
    <span>password</span><span><input type="password" class="w100 b1_555"></span> 
    How can I make the same result or the similar result without table?

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    Let start by doing some markup corrections.
    It should be a form not a div. I also noticed you styled the login input. :/ That causes a lot of headaches as far as cross browser comp goes. I clanged it to a button. Accomplishes the same thing, in this case, but both webkit and moz will honor its styling. after that its simple:
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" ""><html>
    		<style type="text/css">
    				form.marginAuto{ width:250px; margin:0 auto;}
    				form br {clear:left;}
    				.loginF label, .loginF input {float:left; margin-bottom: 10px}
    				.loginF input{margin-left:20px;}
    				.loginF label, #ID, #pass { width: 100px; }
    				.loginF label{ width: 50px; }
    				.loginF a{ display: block; padding:5px; border: 1px solid #000; text-align: center; text-decoration: none;}
    				 #loginB{ float: right; height:50px; width:50px; margin-top: -60px}
    <form class="marginAuto loginF">
    		  <label for="ID">ID</label><input id="ID"type="password" class="w100 b1_555"><br />
    		  <label for="pass">password </label><input id="pass" type="password" class="w100 b1_555"> <br />
    		  <button id="loginB" type="submit" value="logIn" >Log In</button>
    		  <a href="/x-test/layOut/17/logIn/join/">join</a>
    You are floating the labels and inputs and clearing each row with the BR tag ( which has the added benefit of retaining this layout when CSS is off)
    We float the submit button in the opposite direction ( right), style it and bring it to the top of the form by adding a negative top margin that is = to its height. Then we make the "join" anchor a block and style it And there you are.. no greedy!


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