Hi everyone, We are a "white label" service provided in the educational services. As part of our marketing we send our client pre-designed PDF form so that they can insert text about their business in a specific area of the form, and then we print them for them. The problem with PDF files that you can't add images into the text area field, and the text editing tools are limited.

I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to send a link to the clients, where they will get a page with an editing box (just like when you write here a new message, or TinyMCE) and in that way they can design their own text with fonts, sizes, formatting, add an image and so on. The problem is that all the online services I found allows you to create forms, but with only simple text fields no options of adding an image inside the text.

What I want in the end is to be able to collect this info and print their customized forms in with minimum effort from me.

Thanks for any ideas.