I'm not overly familiar with js, jQuery, Ajax... my experience is typically just integrating existing stuff into PHP... which is what I'm doing now.

I have a lightbox (FancyBox) which loads photos with user comments. The user comments are paginated by a continously scrolling jQuery script called Screw.

The way screw works is on the body selector, when a div is scrolled into view it populates the div with a remote php script.

The problem I'm encountering is that loading the lightbox in Ajax seems to make Screw think that the div has been seen and immediately populates all of the DIVs.

Since the lightbox is giving the false impression that everything is in view, is there a way to alter the jquery so that it does not fire on the body selector but perhaps fires when a button is clicked?

Here is the call on the body selector:

<script type="text/javascript">
 newJQuery = jQuery.noConflict();
	// <![CDATA[	

// Call screw on the body selector 
loadingHTML: '<img alt="Loading" src="images/ajax-loader-red.gif">'