Hi folks,

I hope someone might have an idea or two about what might be going wrong here ...

One of the sites belonging to the place that I work had Google Analytics running just fine, then one day traffic stats nosedived to ZERO and it's stayed like that. The day that it happened we had not made any changes to the site. Nothing significant about that day; it just stopped working.

I did notice that we had the old style tracking code in place, but I updated to the latest version of the analytics code. I mean, it's a copy/paste job, should be a no-brainer.

This is the site:


And you can see the Google code at the end of the page.

Traffic tanked:

I have checked the code/references etc and they are correct:

And, according to GA, it *is* receiving data:

But there is *NOTHING* being reported at all.

I have checked filters in GA to see if anything there is causing a problem, but there's nothing there that gives me any concern, very simple filter for a small IP address range to remove traffic from internal company source and that's it.

I am at a loss to understand a) why it suddenly stopped reporting and b) what is wrong with the settings. The thing is, people just don't tinker with the GA settings once they are up-and-running and neither was there a release to the site on the day that the stats died. So if any GA gurus out there are able to make a suggestion or tow, I'd appreciate it!