This thread is starting to look like the juvenile mess we sometimes see on IMDB boards, with pointless point scoring, personal attacks, vitriolic responses and other annoyances, which is a real shame.

Anyway, going back to the original topic and the reason this thread even exists. I'm some of you would be aware of this - in a recent article, Jakob Nielsen states:

> "Good mobile user experience requires a different design than what's needed to satisfy desktop users. Two designs, two sites, and cross linking to make it all work."

Based on usability testing of hundreds of sites, he recommends:

1. build a separate mobile optimised site
2. cut features, cut content and enlarge interface elements
3. redirect mobile users to your mobile site
4. offer a clear link from your mobile site to your desktop site

Nielsen has been criticised by some designers, that's true. But a lot of what he says is based on research using real people and I have absolutely no reasons to doubt his insight.

His study confirms that mobile users are only interested in relevant data and getting that data quickly. If mobile is important to your business, then you must optimise for speed and for exactly what your users want to do. And "responsive design" doesn't solve these problems. A well designed mobile website does.