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The idea of adding more code (and more to download) to make your site "responsive" for mobile devices should be your very first clue that this is a bad solution.
Yeah, like the idea of adding more code to make a fixed layout go fluid or elastic. A bad solution, indeed.

It seems that all your worries regarding MQs are strictly related to the images problem: "I have increasingly huge images and I'm determined to use them, but MQs don't let me". Do you honestly believe MQs are about images?


What I don't get is what's with the "" around responsive? And I'm still waiting for your proposals to go around responsive design. Or a demonstrative web site that fulfills this:
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Your goal should be to do whatever is necessary to create a great user experience.
I'm asking this: responsive design doesn't qualify as whatever?

Off Topic:

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My own worst enemy? I have a number of problems (just like everyone) but limited knowledge and resistance to learn certainly aren't two of them. Perhaps next time you should do a little research about a person before you make an even bigger fool of yourself?
WOW! You have superpowers! You can quote from my deleted posts!!! I'm a big fool indeed and I bow to you sir.