I'm getting this error from the following code and can't figure out where the missing closing element is. This is the only code on the page:

function setItemForm1b() {
    var form1b = document.getElementById('form1b'),
        SOneDateFrom = document.getElementById('SOneDateFrom'); 
    localStorage.setItem('SOneDateFrom', JSON.stringify(SOneDateFrom.value));
"Unexpected end of input" usually means a closing element is missing. 
function getItemForm1b() { 
    var SOneDateFrom = localStorage.getItem('SOneDateFrom'); 
    form1b.SOneDateFrom.value = JSON.parse(SOneDateFrom);
function deleteStorage() {
    form1b.SOneDateFrom.value = localStorage.setItem('SOneDateFrom',''); 
    if (form1b.SOneDateFrom.value === "undefined") {
        form1b.SOneDateFrom.value = ""; 
Does "Unexpected end of input" indicate a different kind of problem at times?