Hello, I have just started using the Foundation framework from Zurb. It's my first time using a CSS framework/Grid Framework and it just seems like there is a TON of extra divs I'm having to type to get the desired layout.

If any of you have a spare 10 mins I would appreciate it if you could look perform a quick code review of my site at


If you want me to post the HTML file here I can. The site is only 1 page for now and the CSS I've written is in custom.css

Mainly I want to know

If I'm making any critical errors that is causing me to write many many extra lines of HTML to get what I desire.

From my use of ZURB Foundation, it takes many nested row- column - row column combos to have a stable easy to control layout...
Also You'll see my own divs between rows and column divs that are divs required by ZURB... This is because adding styles to the row class div itself will cause for the responsive features to get screwed up... like padding on a row will cause the layout to be offset from the left when scaled down, and not centered like it should be.

Let me know and thanks.