I need some help with a javascript code. The code works fine a in HTML editor but produces this error, "HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL" in WordPress.

Problem: I can't get this URL: https://www.geonlineapply.com/servlet/MCSGenericApp to function probably in WordPress. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Here's the HTML code:

<SCRIPT language=javascript>function callSubmit()





<FORM name=frmApplicationTermsCond action=https://www.geonlineapply.com/servlet/MCSGenericApp method=post target="_blank">
<INPUT type=hidden value=N name=MCSCLIENTTEST> <INPUT type=hidden value=OR name=PRODUCTCODE> <INPUT type=hidden value=03 name=GROUPCODE> <INPUT type=hidden value=1290800802 name=MERCHANTNUMBER>
<INPUT type=hidden value=http://www.hrirrigation.com name=HOMEURL> <INPUT type=hidden value=TC name=OPERATION> <INPUT type=hidden value=I name=ORIGINATIONCODE> <INPUT type=hidden value=N name=CALLBACKCODE> <INPUT type=hidden value=00 name=FRAMESIZE> <INPUT type=hidden name=DEALERIMG1> <INPUT type=hidden name=DEALERIMG2> <INPUT type=hidden name=DEALERIMG3> <INPUT type=hidden name=BOTTOMFRAME> <INPUT type=hidden name=STORELOCATOR> <INPUT type=hidden value=3E name=APPROVALTEMPLATE> <INPUT type=hidden value=#FFFFFF name=BGCOLOR> <INPUT type=hidden name=DECLINEURL></FORM>
<TABLE width="32%" align="center">
<TD width="100%" colSpan=2>
<P align=center><A href="javascript:callSubmit()"><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 18px; COLOR: #cc0000">Apply Now