I have created a comparison shopping site that is based upon the Shopping.com API. I'm not sure if I can post a link to it here because of forum rules...so I won't. But it is an all-product shopping site that also has a dedicated technology section. The reason for this technology section is because I use that part of the site for my other website, which is a well-established, successful technology review/information website.

This shopping site already gets traffic from my review website through product comparison/shopping links for products that are reviewed.

However, I wanted to build traffic for the rest of the site to includes all products, just not technology. I realize that advertising through Google AdWords or similar is probably the best strategy. But what other ways can I promote the site? I'm open to any suggestions.

If you suggest Google Adwords (or another CPC service), how should I go about creating ads for the site? Should I focus on specific products, categories, etc.?

Thanks for the help.