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    SEO placement being impeded by "missing" title tag that is actually there

    I'm encountering a problem with a Wordpress template I designed which, for some reason, isn't getting placement on Google the way it should. The template is in use on my own website,

    Doing even the most basic web search for my own name brings up strange results on Google and no results on other search engines. The title on Google is listed as "Athena Cooper" when the title tag contents are "Athena Cooper Design and Web Services | Vancouver" and no meta description even though, again, the meta description tag has been filled in.

    I had hoped it was some initial error in pick up, but the site has been up a few months now and it hasn't changed. When I ran it through a free SEO analyzer to check if I had missed something basic, it came up with the fact that there was no title tag. Except when I look at the code, the title tag and its contents are clearly in place.

    Any ideas why this might be taking place?

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    The <title> element is displaying as it should in my browser (Firefox). The Validator is complaining about your opening <html> tag, which I think is caused by the endif here:
    <html class="no-js" dir="ltr" lang="en-US"><!--<![endif]-->
    You might also want to move your meta description higher up the page; there's a huge amount of text in the head before that.

    Whether either of these will solve your problem, I don't know, but there's no harm in hoping.


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