I am managing two PPC campaigns right now with budgets of 9000 GBP and 3600 GBP. I have optimised my PPC campaign with the good collection of keyword list powered by the fair adgroups and adcopies. I have also goods quality score in an average but Iím getting very less conversions per day say 1 or sometimes 0 conversions. I also read and followed most of the instructions given in the one of the articles published by sitepoint.com at the URL http://www.sitepoint.com/worst-adwor...aign-mistakes/ also I have referred various sources to optimise my campaigns better. Although, I am getting very few conversions per month say less than 25. I feel that getting single conversion or less per day for this budget is not worth. Therefore, I would like to know other techniques if any which is not given in the article URL to improve my PPC campaign conversions.