I am going through the Wicked Wordpress book. I'm on Chapter 5 and added some social media buttons. I noticed that Firefox was behaving oddly. When I clicked on the title of a post, the top of the new page would be cut off from about the middle up. When I clicked on another page, same thing. When I clicked the refresh button, the entire page would show. I don't get this behavior in IE, Chrome, or Safari. After spending some time trying to narrow down the cause, I am sure that it's a Firefox problem and not related to the code (although I am open to any solution). When I click on a link to take me to another page, this problem occurs. However, when I clear the history (including the cache) and then go to another page, it works as it should displaying the entire page. But I have to always clear the cache each and every time before I go to a new page otherwise I will only get a half of page.

Does anyone know how I can fix this. Also, is this going to be a problem when others are viewing my site in Firefox?