Suitable Hosting url. expense and step by step procedure required

I made a website using PHP 4, HTML and used Mysql Database as the data store at the back. In my website I keep a scope to user's Sign up Which needs to be approved by admin. and it will be approved by 24 hours by admin. After approval individual can log in by their requested pass and user name. However the activities of the website can also be noticed by using user name 'demo' with password 'demo' but demo user will have few limitation. I already searched for a domain name and it is vacant but problem is that how to register and money transfer i don't know. And also in this regards i am a probationer so your valuable experience and help required. Which type of hosting and where to host will be perfect for my site to decide that i have described above furthermore ...................................|

For my site administration there will be a Mysql database and signed up users will have also one MYSQL database for each. also there are some folders for users, site admin, storing documents and pictures. 80% of my website I developed under LOCALHOST using WAMPSERVER and PHPMYADMIN. But I want at this stage my site should be published over internet and rest of will be developed over internet and then i will go for the advertisement of my site.
Thank you for your patience reading.