Our industry is riddle with Joe Blog web designers, and it's hard for clients to differentiate. Ifyou include things like SSL, CloudHosting, Support and Security configuration, tailored or template designs, then you can quickly inflate the price of a website to almost 30% more than what you would have normally.

I am concerned about potential clients window shopping and going to for the cheaper option, only to find they made the BIGGEST mistake overlooking cruitial things like support and security.

I no longer send detailed proposals, as this was a terrible waste of time. I send a price breakdown with a complete price. If clients agree to this I would send the completely proposal for signing.

Once you've sent the proposal what should we do? Should we wait and have the client go elsewhere, should we call back after a day or two, or wait longer. Should we not send it via email and personally hand it explaining everything to them so they are sure to know what they are getting, reducing the chance of them going elsewhere because they are not properly educated.