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    Brand as myself or my DBA name?

    Hello all,

    I need some advice.. Right now, my site is mostly using my personal name, but will be doing business under Doing Business as (DBA) soon.
    I do not have enough business to quit my day job.

    I am wondering if branding my site with my logo of my DBA will hurt me if I find myself looking for a job with a company or staffing firm.

    Will they be hesitant to hire me if my site is more a DBA rather than how it is now.. In my name..

    I guess I am wondering if it is a good idea to go full force under my DBA


    Keep the site as my name.. more like freelancer or portfolio site.


    Should I do both or spend the bucks and break them up..

    Hope this makes sense and thanks for any advice..

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    i know quite a few people who earn 6 figure income working freelance. their website is on their name, but they use LLC/corporation for payments, contracts, and other legal stuffs.

    if you are getting traction with your name, I would keep using it.


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