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I consider myself a quite good and you've helped me on more than one occasion, so by definition you must be better than I am.
If you helped me on more than one occasion what happens to your mental heirarchy? :D

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It's hard to say that you're not as good as her just because she's answered a few questions. You probably know stuff that she doesn't.
If you (Sega) know WP etc you certainly do already. I have zero experience setting up any kind of CMS... just debugging Magento is about as far as it goes, and that wasn't pleasant or anything. I'm very restricted in my skills and what I can do. People want polymaths I guess.

I'm not doing web development but mostly because of no job than that I was sick of it or anything. But also doing other things out of interest.

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If I remember correctly Stomme poes was an adviser here at SitePoint, such badge of expertise is not given lightly
Mentor. Advisors are moderators (in green).
Ryan's prolly helped many more people directly on the forums than I have. Especially when he first got here, he was willing to dig deep into slimey nasty smelly code of someone to find where their problem was... much more than I'm willing to. Remember mentors are chosen by other people here too, so things like personal preferences, politics, bias, etc have just as much influence as knowledge re badges etc. So far as I know, nobody discussed my merits beforehand. Maybe someone saw my name showing up too much, during one of these periods of Too Much Posting.
I can list a good number of people who aren't and never were mentors/staff here who have expertise that blows the mind. In particular, Crusty was one of a handful who helped me get started. I'll say most of the people I have in mind now have gotten member of the month though.

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In fact even considering yourself as an 'expert' is wrong, as nobody is ever complete.
It seems in computing and web development in general, people shy away from "expert" in favour of more awesome-sounding things like "ninja", "rockstar", "jedi", and having good something-fu.
I continue to see jobs for ninjas and the such. They're funny.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, there's "Photoshop jockey" which is often also coupled with "pixel wrangler".

Also, I think this thread doesn't need any more derailing about the economy and me and whatnot... wasn't my intention, I just spewed a bit too much. This was a good thread. :)