I was just wondering if anyone has ever implemented Mike Merritt's Livefilter https://github.com/mikemerritt/LiveFilter

I want to be able to filter through contacts that are being generated currently in a table for me like below

<table class="users">
				<th scope="col" id="name">Name</th>
				<th scope="col" id="company">Company</th>
				<th scope="col" id="company">Email</th>
				<th scope="col" id="company">Phone</th>
				<th scope="col" id="company">Mobile</th>
			<% @contacts.each do |contact| %>
				<td><%= contact.name %></td>
				<td><%= contact.company %></td>
				<td><%= contact.email %></td>
				<td><%= contact.phone %></td>
				<td><%= contact.mobile %></td>
				<td><%= link_to 'Edit', edit_path %></td>
				<td><%= button_to 'Delete', contact, :method => :delete %></td>
			<% end %>
Unfortunately Javascript really isn't my strong point so if anyone has any idea how I can look to implement this that really would be much appreciated. I have tried calling <tbody> and <tr> as the elements to filter on but that doesn't seem to work :s