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Why do you think they're all prefaced with numbers for? Maybe decoration though. Lawyerly pretties.
listie mclists!
Well, when you put it like this... then no.

Chapters in a book have numbers before them, but you don't put them contents in lists, when going from PDF to HTML, do you?! Just because you can get an automatic numbering out of it, it doesn't mean that listie mclists is your best friend.

A li has an item in it. Now, I know women, when they say 'I want me this dress' or 'I want me this deux-piece', they really mean to say 'Get me the whole dressing store'. But the fact is that the dress is certainly an item, and so is the deux-piece, while the whole dressing store is a wee bit big to call it that.

EDIT: It just occurred to me. I'm not suggesting to use a section element for each number...

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Man, I can't wait til user agents actually add meaning to those.
A few of them have. For the others, <div> was a bad solution, anyway. I'm better off with sections, anonymous or specific.