This is going to sound silly, but how do I display my Form Data after a User submits the Form??

I have a Q&A Form with this format...

Change Profile Answers

1.) Why did you decide to start your own business?
<answer here>

2.) What advice would you share with others on what NOT to do?
<answer here>

3.) What advice would you share with others on what TO do?
<answer here>

4.) How do you compete against large corporations?
<answer here>

5.) What Business Structure do you have?
<answer here>

After a User completes the Form, I want to display the Questions and Answers in the same format in the User's Profile. However, I don't want the User or anyone viewing the User's Profile to be able to edit things! (Any changes need to be made in the "change_answers.php" script/form.)

Do I display the information using a Form but change something so it is read-only?

Or do I display the data using things like <p>, <div>, etc??

Hope that makes sense?!