What I know about Perl you could fit into <insert extremely small object here>. My "knowledge" consists mainly of being able to customize scripts other people have written. Just so we get that out of the way first.

I'm trying to automate the following process. It uses a utility called KKRcon, which allows you to communicate with game servers via RCon and the command line. There's a pm module for it so you can use it's functions in other scripts. Quite a few scripts, such as HLStats, use it.

Anyway, I need a simple script to do this:

Initiate RCON connection to specific server (from the command line, you'd just type kkrcon xxx.xxx.xxx port xxxxx password xxxxxxx)

Send a "say" command to send a message to anyone currently playing

Wait for 1 minute

Execute a script via rcon (command line is simple, it's just "rcon exec serverscript.cfg")


Can anyone help with how to accomplish this? It doesn't seem too hard, unless you are a Perl dummy like me.