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    Image menu and making content fit a div

    So I'm making an image menu that needs to be centered inside a div, I have 5 images with different widths that are inside this div, they are all the same distance apart, like so:


    I started thinking, how am I going to create such distance between the images so that they fit my div perfectly? I remembered some time ago making a menu just like this, except it only used text, no images.

    I used the word-spacing tag in CSS to create such distance, and it worked fine. So my solution was to use   between my images:

    image1  .....image2  .....imaga3  .....image4  .....image5

    This works flawlessly in Firefox, but I'm having an issue in Chrome, I only get this effect if I use DOUBLE   , which of course, breaks it in Firefox:

    image1    .....image2    .....imaga3    .....image4    .....image5

    Is there something I'm missing here? Maybe there's a more elegant answer for my menu? Any help is appreciated.

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    Yes, don't use use HTML to get a visual (presentational) result. Instead, use something like margin or padding. We need to see your page to be sure, but a way to go about this is to make an unordered list (<ul>) with each <li> containing an image. Set the <li>s to display: inline block and text-align: center. That will center the items inside the div. Then add left-right margins to get them the right distance apart.


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