First of all, I am not sure if I post this in the correct sub-forum, and if that is the case, I apologize and ask that the thread is moved to the correct category.

Anyway. I am pretty new with web design, and I am currently learning about the subject on high school. We work on software that is a bit outdated (Adobe CS3), but I still like doing it. As for web design, we use WAMP server, Dreamweaver CS3, MySQL Query Browser and PHP. I do, however, know little to nothing about coding in PHP, I just kind of know what it's for. I know how to make a functioning web page, how to create databases and connect them to the web page, and how to show these databases through a dynamic web page, but little else.

So the thing I am trying to do now is that after using an "Record Insertion Form Wizard" in Dreamweaver CS3 (to which I've already made a database, a query and so on), I want two different popup messages to come after clicking "submit form", both one confirming that the entire process was successful, and one saying that the user entered invalid information. I already know how to do the former, by going under Tag <input>, behaviors, clicking the plus-sign, clicking popup message and then just writing the message and hitting "OK". But how do I make a seperate one for if the submission failed? And is it possible if this box automatically tells the user exactly what went wrong?